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Top 5 Banks for Personal Loans with Monthly Income Of 20,000

Top Choice Banks for Personal Loan with Low Income

Keep Up Your Credit Score by Avoiding Personal Loan MistakesWith the summer season up in the near future, people plan for a vacation with family and friends. Don’t let your financial constraints hamper your vacation plans. Tripping to different places once a while will rejuvenate your brain from the regular stress. You will swing back to the work with more energy whether you are running a business or a salaried employee. A good option to drag funds to your account immediately is to take a personal loan. Let the personal loan handle your vacation expenses and you can repay it comfortably over a period.

Why is a personal loan a good choice?

There are n number of reasons why a personal loan stands as good choice for your vacation trip this time. There are a number of banks that offer personal loans to the borrowers at attractive interest rates. You can shop around to kick the best deal. Applying for the unsecured loan for your vacation stands as a good choice because they are approved instantly with the less documentation. All you need to have is good credit score and repayment capability. in spite of high-interest rate, personal loans remain a top choice for many because these loans are unsecured.  You don’t need to pledge any security to fetch a loan.  The lender does not ask for guarantor too.  There is no strict obligation on the reason which you can use the unsecured loan for. Many nationalised banks and non-banking financial institutions are offering personal loans without stringent requirements.

Improve chances of loan approval

People choose to go with personal loans to bring funds into the account immediately. A little homework is needed from your end to ensure that your application is not rejected and your plans don’t drain in the last moment.

  • As there are numbers of lenders offering personal loans, make sure you shop around to get the best deal in terms of interest rates and multitude benefits.
  • Keep your credit score intact by applying for free credit report.
  • Have all documents related to identity proof, income proof and address proof in place.
  • Comparison sites like logintoloans.com will help you click the best deal in no time without hassle.

Top 3 banks for personal loan with little monthly income   

ICICI bank

  • Income: 20,000
  • Loan amount: 180,000
  • Interest rate:16.75%
  • Pre-payment option available

HDFC bank

  • Income:20000
  • Loan amount :180,000
  • Interest rate:17.75%

Fullerton India

  • Income:20000
  • Rate of interest:28.5%
  • Pre- closure available


One big tool to break the personal loan plea is a good income. The lender should be assured about your repayment capability when they sanction a loan. Higher the income level. Lower will be interest rates and higher will be the chances of approval.


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