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4 Factors That Affect Personal Loan Interest Rate

How Is Personal Loan Interest Rate Calculated?

4 Factors That Affect Personal Loan Interest RateA personal loan is a top choice for the people to address the emergency needs in the life because they are approved by the banks instantly. They are unsecured in nature are easily available for use when compared to other types of loans. There is no need for you to answer the banks about the purpose which the loan is used for. You can use the loan for addressing the wedding expenses, medical emergencies, credit card payments anything for that case. The only disadvantage that puts you behind while taking the quick loan is high-interest rates. Knowing the different factors that affect the interest rate on the cash loans will let you improve the chances of getting the loan at a low-interest rate.


Higher income always delights you when it comes to availing quick loans. The lender will stay assured about your repayment capability when you have a good paying job. The interest rate on the cash loan availed by a person earning 20,000 is much lower than the borrower who is earning 50,000 income. You can even negotiate interest rate with the lender and avail a special offer from the lender if you are earning well.

Credit history

Credit history is the most important aspect that plays a key role in the approval of the loan. If the credit score is too low, there is no chance of your cash loan being approved by the lender. As these loans are unsecured in nature, lenders look at your past repayment behaviour. The score in the credit report is analysed based on your credit card payments or other loan repayments if any.  It is important to check your credit score and make it better to avail the loan at good interest rates.

Place of work

If you are working for a reputed and well-known organisation, the lender stays assured about your loyalty towards the repayment of the cash loan. Being employed in the reputed organisation allows you to enjoy the personal finance at low-interest rate because the lender will be satisfied with the stability of the individual.


Your story of interest rate will end on a happy note when you approach a bank that you have good relations with. When you get a quick loan from the banks where you have the savings account and fixed deposits. Banks don’t like to leave the interpersonal relationship with the loyal customer just for dragging high-interest rate.  You should prefer to reach a bank that has good relationship with you rather the ones that are entirely new.  There are good chances that you will get the unsecured loan at a low-interest rate.


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