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4 Ways to Repay Your Personal Loan Without Hassle

4 Ways to Repay Your Personal Loan Without HassleA personal loan is a financial survivor for many during the time’s financial crunch. When the accumulated savings are not enough to address the uncertain emergencies in life people choose to go with these quick loans. There are many lending institutions to offer these cash advance loans to the customers who have good credit score and repayment capability. Repayment of the cash advance loan is important to keep up your credit profile while you address your financial needs effectively. As these short-term loans are unsecured in nature they carry high-interest rate when compared to another type of loans in the market. It is important for you to have a perfect plan of execution to repay these loans effectively.

Repay Your Personal Loan Easily

Lender sanctions the personal loan based on your repayment capacity. The loan is paid back to the lender in equated monthly instalments includes principal and interest. Most of the borrowers choose the short term for the repayment of this cash advance loans to reduce the total interest they pay towards the loan. The right way is to consider all your monthly expenses before you decide upon the amount of EMI you want to pay towards the loan. Choosing to go with high EMI with short tenure may disrupt your lifestyle. Ensure that the EMI of the loan does not exceed 40% of total income.

Rate of interest

The rate of interest on personal loans is comparatively high. This will raise your monthly EMIs making it difficult for you to repay the loan. When you are looking for a quick loan, you should get a price quote from different lenders before you apply for one. If you want to stand in a position to negotiate the interest rates with the lender, you should make sure you have good credit score and repayment capability. Apart from that, you need to shop around for the lender who offers low-interest rates. There are many loan comparison sites to help you shop for the lender from a single window. However, make sure you choose the highest EMI that you can repay comfortably to lower the accumulated interest you pay for the loan.

Big no to outstanding EMIs

Make sure you don’t delay the monthly payments of your short-term loan for any reason. It will affect your credit score and makes it difficult for you to fetch any other loan in future.  Apart from that, you may have to bear the penalty for the late payments from the lender. If you are unable to pay EMI in a month on a given time, explain the situation to the lender, so that they may waive the penalty on late payments. If you are struggling to pay EMIs, you may request the lender to reduce monthly payments by extending your loan tenure.

Prepay with idle funds

When you have idle funds in your account, pre-pay the cash loan. It relieves you from the debt and lowers the interest that you pay for the lender. Many lenders offer conditional prepayment of the loan. Check for them before you go for pre-payment of the loan.


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