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Are you Checking Credit Reports? No, it May Cost You!

                                      Role of Credit Reports In Your Loan

Many people don’t consider credit report as one of the important aspects that affect their life. The report has due importance in life because it is deciding factor whether you can buy a dream home or car or fetch business loan or any other type of loan.  Some companies do check this free credit report to offer you a job as well. Good credit report decides your eligibility to different loans offered by the banks. There are good chances of fetching the loan at low interest rate with good credit score. Employer do check this report to check your ability manage your finances effectively and your loyalty to repay the borrowed amount.

Importance of credit report

 People in India start worrying about their credit reports when they actually think about going for loans to fulfil their needs in life.  All the lending companies check the free credit report of the borrower to judge your capacity to repay the loan on time.  Your credit scores in report should be in place if you want to fetch loan with decent interest rates.  Creditors will analyse risk and benefits of offering the loan based on the number of credit score. Most of the times, your credit rating from the reputed agencies is the deciding factor in the approval or rejection of the loans. you can even fetch the bad credit loan with low credit score but, you should be prepared to pay twice as much as you would pay if you had good credit rating.

Why should you check it often?

  By now, you should have understood the importance of free credit report in fetching the loans. Now, why should you check it regularly?   You may find it difficult to manage with the finances in life when expenses surge up and income has slow growth. Many of them become loan defaulters to make the ends meet. This is surely going to affect your credit score which in turn affects your ability fetch loans.  Rushing to repair your credit score when you need loans will leave you in vain. You will either end up in facing the rejection or have to wait till your credit score surges up. Get your credit report from the report from the reputed agencies annually and take the necessary actions to repair your bad credit score so, that you don’t face any hurdles in fetching required loans in future.

Good repayment cycle, still check credit report

  Some people question that I know my repayment cycle is good, why should I check my credit report? Credit reports contain detailed information about your credit cards and loans.  Your credit card balance, loan balances, account status repayment history and lot many details appear in the credit report. The lending agency analyses every aspect given in the report before approving the loan. Any mistake stated in the stated report will draw the chances of loan rejection. Though credit reporting agencies take due care in delivering reports to the customers, there is always risk of errors due to late reporting, Misspellings of your name and previous addresses, wrong information about personal identity and much more. It is very important to check your credit report annually and check for the errors if any by filing dispute letters.

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