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Do You Know That Re- Registration Of Car Is Mandate As It Gets Older?

The car is a dream purchase for many in India even today. This is the reason why car remains most expensive purchase after home. For few people driving on the new wheels is a craze so, they keep upgrading their car from time to time when they see a new entrant in the market meeting their expectations. For some purchasing a car is sentiment and for few, it is an emotional attachment. If you have owned an old car, you need to re- register it after it reaches the age of 15. You need to repeat this process every 5 years thereafter. The current article will let you know about the process of re-registration, documents required, fee and other related aspects.

Documents required

 You reach the registration office few mandate documents listed below to get your loved car re-registered.

  • Duly filled from 25 which is obtained at the official website (http://megtransport.gov.in/pdf/form25.pdf).
  • Registration certificate of the car along with the pollution certificate from the authorities
  • Car insurance documents
  • Copy of road tax paid
  • 3 passport size photographs.

After you have these mandate documents handy, reach the nearby RTO office and produce your car for inspection. The inspection authorities check all the parts of the car like breaks, lights horns other parts to ensure that they are in working condition. After thorough inspection of different parts of the car, new certificate will be issued.

  Additional Documents

  • Documents related to your ID proof and address proof
  • Get NOC document from the banking authorities if you have purchased a car through a car loan.
  • A tax paid certificate issued by traffic authorities stating that you have no pending dues.

Re -registration fee

Re- registration charges on the car varies from state to state. You have to conduct a personal enquiry to know the same. These charges are levied as per the motor vehicle rules 1989.  They may range somewhere between 250-500 for private vehicles. You need to submit a receipt of the payment to the registration authorities along with other related documents. After the verification of the documents and inspection of the vehicle, the new registration certificate will be issued by the authorities. If you want to keep way from all these headaches of re- registering your vehicle and getting it through the process of inspection, you can always sell the car and take either used car loan or new car loan to buy one.


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