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Improve Chances of Getting Business Loan

Avail Business Loan in No Time

Entrepreneurs feel the need to go for the business loan when they know that their money is shrinking. Funding is all time need in the business to promote its growth.  Entrepreneurs need monetary assistance at every stage of business growth especially during incubation.  Though there are many ways to raise finance to your business, business loans turned out to be a best option.    Many business owners today don’t have leisure of waiting for the lengthy approval periods. One should be proactive enough to increase the chances of the business loan approval as quickly as possible. “Money delayed is money denied”.   Now let us look at steps that move your business application on the top of the pile

Right lenders

There are many business lending institutions in the market place to offer various business loans to lenders. You should check at the lending philosophy of the banks before you approach for a loan. Some banks may be interested in lending small business loans to the industries in specific sector; some may have favorable terms only for low risk companies. You should always start your hunt with your past lender.  Even the lending policies of your past lender might have changed due to some statutory regulations, don’t expect the lending process with the previous bank will be a smooth sailing just because you have obtained one before. You should invest ample time in picking the right lender for your business finance.


Having collateral is one good reason that moves your loan application to the top of the pile in any lending institute. Bankers are keener about the repayment options when they are issuing loan. Pledging collateral even for the small business loan procurement will keep them at lower risk and bankers process your loan application on the priority basis. The bankers even get convinced that you are very serious towards the business when you go for secured business loan and help you to close the deal. If you are looking for good amount of business loan, pledge the collateral that has high liquidity like accounts, personal liquid assets investments purchase orders and receivables.

Narrate the purpose

Remember, just putting down some basic information about the business in the loan application won’t fly any more. The lender insists on clear understating about the purpose of your business, target customer, specific purpose for which the loan amount will be used for, role of management in using these funds for future growth of the business. The banker will be more interested on hearing how you use these funds to generate income and repay the loan promptly. This is the reason some lenders have stringent rules on the purpose which the loan amount can be used for.

Along with mandate information like financial statements and tax returns, you include financial forecasts that demonstrate management ability to move the company forward in different market conditions so that the lender can stay assured about repayment of the loan this volatile market conditions.

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