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Let Credit Card Rewards Pay for You This Summer

Make Most of Your Summer Vacation with Credit Card Rewards

Temperatures are soaring in India and mangoes are appearing in the market, summer is officially in. your children might be trying hard to manage their exam stress and soaring heat this summer. Why don’t you plan for a vacation after stressed out exam time and let them relax? Are you worried about the expenses that you incur during the vacation? Not a worry, let the credit card rewards pay them for you. Though it might be difficult to manage entire vacation expenses with the credit card reward program, plan to spend wisely to save a good deal of money.

Sign-up bonus

Do you hold a credit card that offers your travel rewards? no, it is a bit late to avail one to claim the rewards for this vacation. Better late than never, you should choose to pick the cards that offer travel rewards as a sign-up bonus. The rewards can be in the form of miles hotel stays, airport lounge accesses and much more. Credit cards of the banks like standard charted bank, HDFC are offering good travel cards. Remember that these travel cards needs you to pay some annual fee, however, you apply for the card online, they may consider waiving the fee for you.

Use them wisely

It is good that you can claim the rewards from credit cards for you vacation in the short period. After you have vacation plan drafted choose the purpose which you want to use the reward points which are broadly classified as travel miles, hotel stays and dining. If you use a credit card to book travel tickets, check on a number of miles you need travel to claim the reward. If you using the reward points for the hotel stays, know how many rewards points it would take to book the stay in a hotel. Addressing all the summer expenses with the help of the rewards of a card is next to impossible. Spend them wisely to get maximum benefit from them.
Rewards pay luxury

Most of the people in the Indian economy avoid luxury stay during their summer vacation to avoid unnecessary expenses though it is a lifetime dream. Let your rewards pay your king size life on this vacation. There are some credit cards that allows you to pay your expensive hotel stays through their reward program. Go for a premium membership cards offered by the banks to enjoy this luxury stays free. However, an annual fee for these cards is little high when compared to others.

Make a choice

You can enjoy good benefits from the reward program offered by the credit card during this summer vacation if you opt to choose the right in accordance with your specific requirements. Just don’t pick the cards based on the reward points offered for your travel needs, other things like travel insurance, lost baggage insurance, travel accident insurance should be covered.


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