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List of Credit Cards You Are Going To Love In Early Stages Of Your Career

Must Know- 5 Credit Card TermsCredit cards are the greatest convenience offered to common man. Who would not love the shopping the desired items without the need for having the required balance in their accounts? These credit cards have brought a major shift in the purchasing trends. All the people who are in the initial stages of their career love to have space for credit cards that act in their favour of the people that earn less income.

List of Credit Cards Act In Favour Of Lower Income

SBI simply save cards

  • The age requirement to get this wonderful credit card is 21 years
  • You will earn 2000 bonus points when you spend 2000 bonus points within 60 days of issuing the card
  • This card offers 10X reward points for all dining, movie grocery purchases.
  • For every 100 spent on the other purchases, you will earn one reward point
  • If you are buying fuel purchases between 500 to 3000, you are going to enjoy1% surcharge waiver

SBI Simply click card

This is also one of the good credit cards for the people who are earning below 20,000

  • You will earn 10X reward points for all purchases made online and for the purchases made with online partners.
  • For all other purchases made with the card, you will earn 5X reward points
  • If tend to make a more offline purchase with the card, you will tend to earn one reward point for every 100 spent.
  • If your spends go beyond one lakh per year, the bank is going to waive off annual fee.

IRCTC SBI Platinum Card 

  • If you love to travel by train for all your trips, then this card is for you
  • For all AC ticket bookings made with card through IRCTC website, you will get 10% cash back
  • 8% transaction waiver for the ticket purchases made through website
  • 1% surcharge waiver is provided for all the transaction made between 500 to 3000
  • 350 reward points for every 500 spent within the 45 card approval
  • You will get 1 reward point for every 125 spent
  • reward points can be redeemed to purchase train tickets

Yatra SBI Card 

This is a card for the people with the income from 20000 to 25000. If you have the passion for wandering over the places on train, this Yatra SBI Card is for you.

  • The customer will get bonus of 8250 points from Yatra.com as joining bonus
  • Exclusive accesses to airport lounges in India
  • If you are Yatra.com customer and spend 30000 on the site, you get vouchers worth 500 and 6X reward points on the base fare spent at the site.
  • You get good reward points for your spends on grocery too.
  • Finally, on all other purchases made, you will earn 1 reward points for 100 spent.


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