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Plastic Money Over Manual Transactions

How Will BHow Will Benefit From Credit Card enefit From Credit Card Shopping?

With PMs call for digital transactions in the country, the credit card has become a trending topic in the financial market today. With the effects of demonetization, even rural sector of the country is willing to use a plastic money debit and credit cards over the manual transaction. There are many advantages of using plastic cards over the manual transaction to address expenses in life. To encourage people to adopt digital payments and promote cashless economy in the country, the government has introduced many benefits to common man. Knowing different benefits that you can avail by using the credit card will not only encourage you to use the plastic moany over cash transaction but, also keep you trendy in your circle especially if you are living in the rural areas of the country.


Convenience is the major benefit added to your wallet when you prefer to use credit cards over cash transactions. There is no need for you to worry about bundles of cash on your big purchase. A simple visa credit card will handle everything. You will be away from the difficulties of fetching change when you spend less amount for shopping, whether you want to make a big purchase in lakhs or small purchase in hundreds, a small plastic card in your wallet will serve the purpose but, the amount you can spend on the card is limited to your credit availability. Using credit cards offer a great advantage during the emergencies, you will no longer rush to ATM to withdraw cash.


Credit card payments offer high security over cash transactions. There is no need for you to worry if you find that your wallet is lost. Phone banking services are just a call away, you can block the card immediately to prevent unauthorised transactions. These card companies also offer protection plans to keep you safe in the event unauthorised transactions.


Have you ever heard of cash back offers on your purchases? Credit card offer provides you with the same. You will enjoy discounts on service tax up to 15% for the digital transaction of 2,000. Few credit cards offer reward points and cash back offers on every transaction you make through the card. You will also enjoy loyalty programs when you shop at some branded partners using credit cards. This plethora of benefits offered by the will save you a fair amount of money over a time.

Track expenses

When you use a credit card to manage all your expenses in a month, you can easily track your expenses anytime during the month. Analysing your spending habits every month will help you cut down unnecessary expenses and manage your finances effectively. You will even learn to budget your expenses effectively by monitoring your transactions periodically.

Stop worrying about account balances

There is no need for you to worry about the balance in your account when you shop with a credit card. The banker gives interest-free credit for a period which in turn increases your purchasing power.


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