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Should You Buy a Car for First Time? – Factors to Consider on Your First Move

Should You Buy a Car for the First Time?

Should You Buy a Car for the First TimeBuying your first car is a big challenge of life. You will be perplexed with a wide range of brands and makes available in the market. With the intense competition in car market today, every brand launches a car model to suit the needs of different sectors (in accordance with income levels). How can you make a perfect purchase decision? Isn’t it quite challenging? An ample amount of research is very important to buy the best for your money. The current articles detail you some tips that you should consider to drive away the car with love.


 You should first work on the budget that you want to pay for your car. Remember, purchasing a car is not a one-time investment. You have to go with car finance unless you choose to pay with cash.  Your monthly budget for the car includes not only EMIs for the loan taken but also, fuel charges, maintenance, and car insurance. Establish a realistic budget for the car after deducting your expenses and savings.Deciding the right budget for the car will narrow down your search results.


Most of the people choose to go with car finance irrespective of its brand and make. If you are one among them, talk to our loan experts at logintoloans.com to know different car finance options available. Securing large amount towards down payment will make your car finance very small and also raise the chances of approval of your auto loan.

Features to look in

 As stated above, every brand in the market has car make for every class.  You should think about what you want in car like size of family, parking space you have,  safety features needed, music system needed, buying a car for traveling a long distance or a short commute,  want to travel with pets in the car. Once you finalized the features that you want your car to hold, reach the internet to find different models and variations and contact the lender for auto loan.

Consider lifetime ownership cost

Considering lifetime ownership cost is very important in your car purchase. The cars that have same purchase price will not have same lifetime ownership cost. There are many factors that affect ownership cost of the vehicle like fuel, maintenance, insurance, finance charges and registration charges.

Compare and conclude

 Comparison of various models available in the market is very important after you narrow down the search results based on the above factors. Compare the features and specs side by side to take a final call.  You can also look at the reviews of the previous buyers to take an informed decision on your car purchase.  It is always advisable to research the prices offered by different dealers to keep price of car low.

Test Drive

Finalise your car purchase only after you take test drive of the car and know how it drives on different types of roads you use regularly.

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